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  • 2023 One-Year license (Updates & Upgrades included)
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  • $34.96 $49.95
  • $14.99
  • 🔥2023 Permanent license (Current version)
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  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included)
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  • $34.98 $388.74
  • $353.76
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  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included) [EXPIRÉ]
  • 30% Off
  • $34.96 $49.95
  • $14.99
  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included) [EXPIRÉ]
  • 40% Off
  • $29.97 $49.95
  • $19.98
  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included) [EXPIRÉ]
  • 40% Off
  • $29.97 $49.95
  • $19.98
  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included) [EXPIRÉ]
  • 30% Off
  • $90.96 $129.95
  • $38.99
  • Platinum Suite 2023 Bundle One-Year license (8 Giveaways Included) [EXPIRÉ]
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  • $61.07 $129.95
  • $68.88
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What's new in Nero Platinum Suite 2023?
    * Nero AI Photo Tagger - Help you category and manage your photos.
    With up to 300 functions
    * Nero Start
    * Nero Video
    * Nero Score
    * Nero AI Image Upscaler
    * H.265
    * Nero MediaHome
    * 1001 TVs

Nero Platinum Suite is one of the top-level software for CD-ROM editing and cloning. It provides many functions such as recording, copying, editing, ripping, and conversion, including top-level video and audio editing tools. It is a comprehensive multimedia solution.

Nero Platinum Suite is a 18-in-1 Multimedia Suite, including:
    * Nero DuplicateManager Photo - Clean duplicated photos
    * Nero Video - Fast create video and slideshow
    * Nero Media Home - Multimedia manager
    * Nero BackItUp - Data backup
    * Nero Recode - Video&Audio converter
    * Nero TuneItUp PRO - Optimize and accelerate computer
    * Nero Burning ROM - CD, DVD, and Blu-ray burner
    * Nero AI Photo Tagger
    * Nero Score
    * Nero DuplicateManager
    * Nero USBxCopy
    * Nero PhotoSnap
    * Nero Soundtrax
    * Nero WaveEditor
    * Nero Express
    * Nero CoverDesigner
    * Nero Face Beautifier
    * Nero Rescue Agent
    * Nero Disc to Device
  • "Each year's update has new features, and every purchase feels worthwhile."
  • "The price is so valuable that it is not as high as the price of similar software from other companies."
  • "I hope to add the function of 3D VIDEO this year."
  • "I feel good, except it's a little slow processing video."

Commentaires des clients

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  • Love this!

  • I’ve been using Nero for many years, from the first to the latest version, and have never used other brands, for its compatibility of blu-ray is really impressed me, and I have also tried its media player, really nice, so I’d like to recommend everyone to get Platinum license, if you are confused to decide which edition to get.

  • I bought Nero 2014 Platinum a few weeks ago, since I installed it, it has brought me good results. The support team is very good. They helped me solve many problems. They are responsive and very kind. Nero 2014 is a good movie-making software. I enjoy it very much. I can make professional movies with it.

  • I have been using Nero to burn DVDs and Blu-rays for a long time. It does great work. The new version has added a DVD/Blu-ray player and allows video editing. I only used it for a short time and find it very good. Up until now, I haven’t met any problem. I will keep using it and update my review after I master more features of it.

  • I bought Nero 2014 Platinum to enjoy my Blu-ray movies and audio discs on my computer. The installation goes smoothly. It worked very well. It does a nice job in burning, just like Nero 9 I ever used. Up until now, everything goes very well.

  • I started using Nero years ago, but this is the first time I use "Premium" Platinum version. Though I haven’t tried all the features of it, the ones I used seem better for me.

    I used it to make a dvd movie with my vacation photo slideshows. I also add background music into dvd slideshow, the music can be edited as I like. I seamlessly integrated music into the movie. I can quickly use it to integrate separate files into one movie. The operation is very easy, handier than the previous versions I have used. The audio cd burning function is the same as previous versions, but the speed is faster. File editing also seems easier.

    I believe in the future, I will use more other features. My experience with it until now tells me it can totally satisfy my needs with its wonderful features. The software is really worth the money I spent. But whether it’s worth extra paying for the platinum version, it all depends on your demands and usage. Anyway, it is really worth recommending.

  • Nero 2014 platinum can satisfy all my needs. Nero products never let me down, this software is also very good. But some features are useless for me. If it allows users to select features, it will be even better.

  • Nero 2014 platinum is worth buying. It can meet all my demands. I can not only use it to burn CDs, but also create DVDs, even Blu Ray discs. It is a versatile product.

  • When I first bought Nero Platinum, I didn’t know how to use it. I planned to make a DVD with a PPT file. I used other programs, but failed to get a satisfying result. Then my brother recommended Nero Platinum to me, he told me it can author DVDs. Then I tried it. It really helped me make out the Video and Audio files I need. Great!

  • In the past few years, I have tried many different multimedia programs, like Roxio and some other free software. To be honest, Nero shines out among all of them. It is easy to use. It provides many features, I can spend several months studying it without feeling bored. It is very effective. It not only converts video quickly, but also can turn the files into any format you want. The teaching video covered many aspects, but I’m never annoyed by the technical details. It is suitable for both novice and professional users.

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