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USB Network Gate for Windows Discount Coupon

Code Promo : XT-NFRVYJUJ
  • Connects one or more remote USB devices to your computer over Ethernet
  • Helps to share USB port over LAN/WAN/VLAN/VPN/Internet
  • Allows to share your device from anywhere to anywhere
  • Helps to access USB devices over Wi-Fi
$135 95
USB Network Gate for Linux Discount Coupon

Code Promo :SFCNSDSC
Code Promo : SFCNSDSC
  • Helps to share USB port over LAN/WAN/VLAN/VPN/Internet
  • Supports to access USB over RDP
  • Allows to use your USB devices on a virtual machine
$143 95
Windows AllMac OS
LogMeIn Pro Shopping & Trial
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  • Discover the benefits of remote access, and work from anywhere
  • Quickly and easily remote accessing
  • Easily and securely large file transferring
  • Support both PC and Mac
$249 99
Mac OS
USB Network Gate for Mac Discount Coupon

Code Promo :SFCNSDSC
Code Promo : SFCNSDSC
  • Provides you low-cost iPhone applications development
  • Helps you keep your mobile device data up-to-date
  • Supports to connect to USB over RDP
$143 95
Radmin Remote Control Discount Coupon
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Code Promo :SOFT-JNQ4-CNS
Code Promo : SOFT-JNQ4-CNS
  • Remote Administration Tool for Secure Remote Network Management from Anywhere
  • It works in encrypted mode
  • Hardware remote control with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) support
  • Supports secure "Drag and Drop" file transfer
$40 18
Antamedia Remote Control Software Discount Coupon

Code Promo :Network promotion
Code Promo : Network promotion
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • File Transfer
  • Integrated Chat
  • Easily support unknown customers
$79 20
Zoom Commander Discount Coupon

Code Promo :colormango30
Code Promo : colormango30
  • Control and manage media on multiple remote computers
  • Contain a schedule editor to schedule and present media
  • provide a TAG system to manage an unlimited number of display devices and screen zones
$69 96
AeroAdmin Discount Deal

  • All-in-one solution for everyday tasks in professional and private life
  • No need of installation and configuration
  • Works behind NAT
  • Remote desktop session is encrypted with hybrid AES+RSA algorithms
$69 90
Mac OS
Remotix for Mac Discount Deal

  • Powerful remote control software for Mac
  • Support gestures control (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • You can transfer files between local Mac and remote Mac
  • New designed interface
$39 99
Remotix for Windows Shopping & Trial

  • Access all your computers with fast and secure VNC & RDP client
  • Can lock remote screen to secure the operations
  • Provide built-in SSH tunneling for both RDP and VNC
  • Quickly connect to recent servers with tray menu icon
$39 99
TSplus Shopping & Trial

$490 00
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