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EaseUS Data Recovery Bootable Media
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  • The software is usable, but it couldn't recover my lost files


  • Very useful. Simple installation. The index of the memory card was broken, I used this software after formatting and recovered the photos.


  • Usable. It recovered quite a lot of files. I earned.


  • The software could not find the files I need.


  • My USB thumb drive was infected by virus, and all files disappeared. Maybe the virus was too powerful, all recovered files are found to be garbled when opened!


  • Things stored on my formatized memory card were indeed recovered. I am so happy to see some photos from the past, but many videos are broken, all became in fast-forward mode, and the sound is gone.


  • I must recommend this. Because of system re-installation, I formatized the backup of contact (iTools backup, database files, .db ending)on computer away. I downloaded this software and another one starting with the name an “M”. The “M” software could only recovered very few data. This one recovered more than 60,000 data entries… I was afraid how I can recover so much. In the end, I can find them easily according to the paths. As I found the phone numbers, I came back here to give it a good review! I must recommend this.


  • It scanned for two days and nights for files. Just when it was about to complete, it reported an error, and let me send reports back. I worked so hard. If you break down so easily, what do I need you for?


  • The documents were indeed recovered, but they are gibberish when opened.


  • I have downloaded so many software online! Around ten, I guess. I tried every other: some are costly; some are simply rubbish; some cannot detect the USB drive, and so on. It was only this software that helped me recovere a lot of photos. I really need to thank the software developers.


  • Definitely useful. Thank you for finding my photos back.


  • Although I could not successfully recovered data from my harddisk, because other data recovery software I used before damaged the harddisk, but this software is really good.


  • Brilliant. It fully recovered the past documents, even the annotations in PDF files are found.


  • I tested it by myself on 26th January, 2017 morning. It finished exporting in two hours, and recovered the selected 463 GB of data. Here is a sincere review by a person who mistakenly quick formatted his own portable harddisk.


  • This is just a top work of conscience. It is so powerful! I can’t understand how come such a useful software can have such a low ranking.


  • I came to push this up! It’s simply a product of conscience.


  • It’s an especially useful software. I tried a dozen types. After recovery, the documents are filled with error code. Only this one can be used correctly.


  • I have used a lot of apps. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the only one that works with the SD Card from my Samsung Galaxy S4. Other products could not work with the SD Card or even with the phone. Great deal!


  • Great software, help me recover 5GB pictures!


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