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Work Examiner

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Restrict employees from accessing certain content that may distract them.

Work Examiner is an employee monitoring software developed for business. However, with the continuous development, it is no longer software only used for employee monitoring. At present, it has become the preferred monitoring solution for hundreds of enterprises.

Work Examiner has client and server applications. To fully use its functions, you should install the client on the employee's daily workstation. And the server application is installed on your server.

The client can be installed seamlessly, and you can install it remotely without disturbing employees. The goal of Work Examiner is simple-to help enterprises improve work efficiency, reduce idle time and improve security.

Work Examiner can track all activities on client computers and help you know who is doing things unrelated to work.

Work Examiner also has a function to enhance security. You can turn on this function to find out which employees are exposed to sensitive data and monitor which data they copied with a USB flash drive or sent through email and communication applications.

To improve work efficiency, you can send a report to each employee, stating their time allocation when using computers.

Work Examiner is easy to expand, so it is suitable for companies of all sizes. You can create employee groups through advanced settings and set different monitoring measures for each group.

Work Examiner Features:
● Network activity tracking (website access and file download)
● Screenshot capture
● Record activities and store them in video files that can be played back.
● Network filtering
● Prevent data leakage
● Keyboard recording and instant message tracking
● Report

Use Work Examiner quickly, master the office activities of employees, improve work efficiency and safeguard the interests of employers!

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