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If you find your computer crashes, freezes, run slowly, or any lag errors, Glary Utilities Pro could get them fixed efficiently.

Glary Utilities Pro provides more than 20 utilities to fix PC errors, crashes, freezes, and optimize PC performance. It covers everything that users might need for any kind of poor performance and maintains your computer's health. Glary Utilities Pro offers automated system scanning, allowing users to find any issues and get them fixed with one button click, such as junk files removal, dangerous startup entries, temporary files, internet traces, spyware, etc. Batch uninstallation and privacy protection are also included with it.

It has an organized interface that is easy to use for all users.

Highlighted Features
1. Boost computer performance
2. Uninstall unwanted apps by batch.
3. Maintain computer health.
4. Automated system scanning.
5. Provide over 20 utilities.
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27 Votes
85% (23)
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  • I bought this tool a few months ago. Though I have not used it a lot recently, I really appreciate the help of this tool, for it has more features than the other cleaners. I love it and I would like to recommend it to others.

  • Je voudrais parler de la version Win 8 Entreprise. À chaque fois que je l’utilise pour nettoyer le registre, le système ne redémarre pas et fait apparaître des réparations automatiques d’erreurs, je ne peux redémarrer qu’après la réparation ! Donc je laisse une évaluation négative.

  • This tool is very good. However, Wice PC 1stAId is much better than this software. W1A can work automatically to identify and solve the problems in my computer easily. W1A is an intelligent tool and it can assist me to repair the problems efficiently. I love W1A more than the GUP.

  • J’ai utilisé de nombreux logiciels d’optimisation, mais celui-ci fonctionne, bravo !

  • The product has a very good value. It is better than the similar tools I have ever used. It can work well and I always depend on its wonderful work to keep my PC running fast. The tool is also secure to use. It does a superb job. It’s really worth my money.

  • This software is fantastic. It is the best one ever. My computer has never crashed with the help of this software. I love it very much. It is really a fine product. I believe the developers have tried their best to do the fabulous work. Thanks!

  • Il fonctionnait sans problème avant, mais il y a quelques jours je l’ai utilisé pour nettoyer mon système et il a indiqué 4 Go de fichiers dans la corbeille, ce dont je doutais, mais je les ai quand même supprimés. Qui aurait pensé qu’il allait aussi supprimer mes fichiers importants ?!! J’ai dû réinstaller de nombreux logiciels, nom de dieu ! J’espère que ce problème sera résolu.

  • This is the first time for me to buy a product from this company. I got a discount. It makes me happy. It is better than other system tools I have tried before. This wonderful tool works well with other software in my computer. This version is very good. I would like to recommend this tool to all my colleagues.

  • Je l’utilise principalement pour réparer les erreurs système. Mais comme antivirus, j’utilise encore AVG. Ils ont tous les deux des avantages et des inconvénients, et peuvent se compléter.

  • Ce logiciel est bien. La recherche rapide est également très puissante, elle devrait être conçue comme un logiciel séparé !

  • This is a good cleaner for my computer. I can use the cleaning feature of this tool from the main interface of the software. With this tool, the useless registries and harmful spyware can be removed efficiently. It is easy for me to follow the instructions and use the proper advanced tools for different purposes. The features of this software are better than that of other similar ones. I can use it to do lots of different jobs. The powerful features help me a lot indeed.

    There are 2 dangerous system tools for the users who are not good at computers - Advanced System Cleaner and Ausus Logic System Boost. They may remove the useful software by mistake. As a common user, I am really unable to use the referred two system tools without mistakes. Luckily, this product can help me clean my computer thoroughly. I do not have to worry about the bad results. The useful programs will absolutely not be mistakenly removed by this software. After I used the trial version, I bought this magic tool without any hesitation. Good product!

    The duplicate cleaner of this tool should be used carefully. I once used it and it removed the useful files. I just have a little knowledge on computers. I decided not to use this special tool forever.

    In conclusion, this product is really good in quality and the features of this software are superb!

  • This software has great value. It can work well in both the Windows XP and Windows 7 64bit. The trail version of this tool has helped me for 2 years. Last week, I began to use the Pro version of it on my Win7 computer. The features of this tool are rich and powerful. Some of the features have assisted me a lot. I like to use the tool to scan the registry after I installed a program. It can help me identify the left-over files and clear them off. I only need to click once to get everything done. I love this wonderful tool deeply. Thumb up!

  • Bien, aussi bon qu’AVG.

  • This software can help my computer work quickly without any error. It has many features to ensure the performance of my PC. I love the one-click operation very much, for it is very easy and convenient to use. The useless shortcuts and registries can be deleted in a blink with this tool. The dangerous files in the startup can be identified and cleared off easily. The temporary files and spyware can be cleaned up without any trouble as well. The automatic operation saves me lots of work. I love this magic tool very much.

  • This tool is very helpful. It can work very quickly and well. The features of this software are fabulous. This superb product has helped me a lot. It’s very stable, I like its stability very much. It can keep my computer running fast and free of problems. It is the best product I have ever used. Fine!

  • Ouah ! Quel logiciel génial ! Particulièrement pour trouver et supprimer des fichiers au nom en double, j’ai trop de chansons et de photos sur mon disque dur, forcément il y a des noms en double. Maintenant j’ai économisé beaucoup d’espace disque. Je suis content.

  • Puissant et de petite taille. Mais l’interface pourrait être améliorée.

  • This software is very easy to master. It can not replace the wonderful anti-malware software. It can only remove the junk and dangerous files that have been left out by the antivirus software. The features of this tool are various and can help me maintain my computer well. I only need to click the button, and it can run efficiently to remove the registry, invalid shortcuts, malicious files, and temporary files. The spyware can also be cleaned up effectively. It does all the jobs for me automatically. I love it very much. I can even use the Microsoft system tools via a convenient menu the software provides.

  • The program is a good value because it includes so many tools with such a fair price. It has the best tool for software updating. I love this feature very much, for I do not have to visit other websites or need any other service to get the updating information. This tool can remind me in time. I can get all work done with one click. Also, I can operate the tool manually according to my needs.

    However, it is very inconvenient with no clear labels. I have difficulty in choosing the proper tool. I have to try them one by one and remember each tool’s function. It is very hard for me. Although this weakness makes me a little unhappy, the various and useful features of it can completely meet my needs. I have used this unique utility on my computer for more than a year. It gives me really good results. Wonderful!

  • Mon Win10 a été optimisé par la version PRO de ce logiciel, c’est incroyable ! Il m’a fallu 25 secondes pour démarrer le système (avec l’option démarrage rapide désactivée), 25 secondes pour redémarrer, et quelques secondes pour lancer des jeux. Très utile.

  • This tool is very good. It is better than many tools I’ve used for fixing registry and tuning up the computer. With this tool, my computer comes back to normal. The computer has never gone wrong since then. Great!

  • Vraiment très facile à utiliser ; mon ordinateur ramait souvent, mais j’ai utilisé ce logiciel pour le nettoyer, il fonctionne clairement plus vite qu’avant.

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