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  • Order online because it was cheaper that renewing at bitdefender's website. Very good product, I have used for years, I recommend it to everyone.

  • After using this application for some years, I am still amazed by its high efficiency on detecting the virus and it’s easy-operate firewall. But I found something that was not so pleasing. As we all know RAM is usually considered to be fully used, but Bitdefender occupies too much – 200MB RAM and 200 MB Virtual. One day I found something on the Internet says that Bitdefender did not pass the Comodo leak test in multiple aspects. How can that be?

  • Bitdefender is an outstanding security software program. I've used quite a few other programs and Bitdefender is far and away the best.

  • Used Norton, McAfee and others and Bitdefender beats them all for the personal use. Saved me and my family a lot of time that was wasted in fighting with slow/infected PCs. Parental control works great as well.

  • I've tried them all over many years, even the free ones that allowed viruses on my computer and I have to say, so far this is the virus program that I hate the least. Yes, they all have there problems such as occasionally blocking the operation of programs without any warning, interfering with network printers, slowing down your computer, but I like Bitdefender because it does not slow my computer, it has an advanced feature where I can control what it does and it displays a notice to tell you what it blocks if you are so wise as to use it. Add to that that I have not had a single virus while using it and it is a winner. Still, I check out the competition each year before I buy.

  • Without a question, its ability to protect PC from viruses is amazing. My Bit Defenders never gave me any false alarm. I don’t worry about my machine anymore after I used this program. The browser of Bitdefender called Safe Pay is the only browser which can make me have so much confidence about the online banking. Only one thing bothered me most is the excessive scans. It made my boot time longer and stopped my machine from fast running. My friend recommended me AVG Free. After trial use, I decided to change to AVG Free. It can guarantee my machine’s speed. My boot time is now 56% faster than before. But to be honest, Bit Defender is a great program. So if the company emphasizes more on the speed aspect, Bit Defender will be the top antivirus program in no time.

  • I am the type of person who gets really frustrated with software, especially AV software that bugs me. I want AV software to perform magically in the background without me knowing it exists unless there is a problem. If you are like me, then Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 is the right product for you. It doesn't do much which is exactly what I want, i.e, it provides protection without me knowing about it.
    The program doesn't bother me, take over my computer, interrupt me, hog resources, or ask annoying questions.
    The user interface is updated and cleaner than the 2009 version which I have been using for a year.
    The program isn't bossy. It works for me, not the other way around.
    You can configure the updates to be less intrusive. I only know the product is there when it catches a virus.
    I couldn't load the program from the provided CD. I am using Vista Home Premium. I easily downloaded the software from the Bitdefender website, so this really wasn't a big deal.
    There are a ton of other things this software can do that I am not utilizing, but they look pretty handy like parental controls, gaming mode, etc. If you are a "techy" person, then you will enjoy tinkering with numerous advanced setting screens. While that is not for me, I recognize the potential for Bitdefender to do a lot more than I need. I recommend this product to novice and advanced consumers.

  • After trying various security software, I reached the conclusion Kaspersky was the best. But now I think Bitdefender is as good, and possibly even better. This Bitdefender security suite downloaded, installed and updated with no problems. Unlike my Kaspersky, which was just the anti-virus version, the Bitdefender has a firewall and does PC maintenance, too. It also blocks others from sharing, if you have an unsecured wireless network. Like Kaspersky, I also think it discovers more threats than other security software. And this version of Bitdefener lasts two years and covers three PCs! What could be better?

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