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À propos d'EdrawSoft

Shenzhen EdrawSoft, founded in 2014, it has been committed to the research and development of office efficiency software since its establishment. Its main products include Edraw max, MindMeister, Edraw project, graphic design software, and orgcharting. With years of experience in the field of complex information visualization, EdrawSoft has become a professional office software provider.
Wondershare acquired Edrawsoft in June 2019.
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EdrawSoft Coupons de réduction

Office Tools

Edraw Max Discount Coupon
Edraw Max

Logiciel tout-en-un de visualization
32 Commentaires
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 16191 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
Single user - Perpetual License$124.94 $54.06-30,2%Copier le code
Single user - Lifetime License$160.96 $84.04-34,3%Copier le code
Single user - Subscription License$89.10 $9.90-10%Copier le code
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Edraw MindMaster Discount Coupon
A cross-platform and multi-functional mind mapping software, quickly create rich content, fashionable and friendly mind mapping with a friendly interface, high stability, and customization.
6 Commentaires
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 1926 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
1 Year License$34.30 $14.70-30%Copier le code
Lifetime License + Perpetual Upgrade$84.17 $114.83-57,7%Copier le code
Perpetual Use + 2 Years Upgrades$55.21 $73.79-57,2%Copier le code
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Edraw Infographic Discount Coupon
A professional infographic creator, built-in numerous creative theme templates, easy to use drag and drop feature helps you design perfect infographics, maps, charts, etc.
2 Commentaires
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 758 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
Subscription License$48.30 $20.70-30%Copier le code
Perpetual License$69.30 $29.70-30%Copier le code
Lifetime License$104.30 $44.70-30%Copier le code
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Edraw Max Bundle Discount Coupon
2 Commentaires
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 520 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
Perpetual License$244.20 $162.80-40%Voir la réduction
Subscription License$130.20 $86.80-40%Voir la réduction
Lifetime License$337.80 $225.20-40%Voir la réduction
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Edraw OrgCharting Discount Coupon
A powerful enterprise-level human resource information software. Help you get rid of the tedious and repetitive tasks of creating and maintaining the company's allocation and architecture.
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 71 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
100 employees$101.50 $43.50-30%Copier le code
500 employees$139.16 $105.84-43,2%Copier le code
1000 employees$315.00 $135.00-30%Copier le code
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Project Management

Edraw Project Discount Coupon
A professional project management tool can effectively plan project, allocate resources, track progress, manage budgets, control costs and generate reports.
Valable jusqu'au 11/30/2020 79 Ventes
LicencePrixÉconomisezRemiseCode Promo
Perpetual License$125.30 $53.70-30%Copier le code
Lifetime License$171.50 $73.50-30%Copier le code
Subscription License$69.30 $29.70-30%Copier le code
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