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Submit Giveaway / Discount Coupon to ColorMango.com

Join our Promotion Campaign to provide Giveaway or Discount Coupon to our customers who have successfully finished the orders.

Every day, so many customers purchase software products from ColorMango.com. For these customers, we hope to introduce them to more excellent products.

Giveaway Plan

Giveaway is one of the most popular promotion ways. You can make many users quickly to know your new products without any promotion cost fee.

Please refer to the following tips to boost your Giveaway promotional effects
ColorMango Terms
Besides the regular Giveaway promotion, you need to offer us the extra no less than 200 Giveaway license codes for our ColorMango Plus Giveaway Promotion.

How to join
Please contact us directly, and then we’ll review the product. If the product is qualified, we’ll contact you to discuss further details. The popular or featured products are a good choice for this plan.

Now join our plans, let our VIP customers know your products, please contact us directly: advertise@colormango.com

No Conflict
There will be only one of its kind products can be displayed in the same time period. If your product is similar to the product that is on promotion campaign, you need to wait for the promotion in the next turn.
No more than 10 products will be included in a promotion campaign and last 30 days in one time. A product can be repeated joined into the campaign in any turns. Our editors will in charge of it.

Q: If we need to give your commission when Giveaway reaches the expired day, but the customers still purchased the products.
A: You don't need to do anything with the software built-in order links, we will not require any extra commission.
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