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  • SurveilStar Employee Monitor Capture D'écran
  • SurveilStar Employee Monitor Capture D'écran
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  • Promo code worked for me! Thanks for the great savings

  • SurveilStar provides password protection. So no one can open this software without my authorization. SurveilStar says on its official website that it has improved more than 20 new features. These functions enable it to provide quicker and friendlier work. I haven’t tried these new functions all, but it really works faster. Try the software yourself, I believe you will find it amazing.

  • Coupon worked. Awesome deal!

  • This store offers the best price of SurveilStar, and saved $129.90 on SurveilStar (10 users) today

  • Coupon works. Great.

  • Thanks for the excellent deal, I love it.

  • SurveilStar is reliable monitoring software. With the help of it, I can keep my business safe, improve work efficiency and productivity. It has many good features, it is handy and easy to understand.
    It has a powerful content filtering component, thus I can stop my children from visiting inappropriate websites. I want my children enjoy the benefits of internet surfing and I also want to protect them from those dangerous sources. SurveilStar can fully meet my requirements. With the protection from SurveilStar, my children can enjoy internet surfing. I can also monitor them to avoid them visiting bad websites. It is a good protection tool for my children!

  • SurveilStar has clear user interface, it is easy to install. It is very good, but if it can control incoming emails, it will be perfect. I can use it to supervise my employees and my children. It also helps me with many other computer monitoring. It is really worth trying.

  • SurveilStar is functional software. I can send notes to them and tell them they are being supervised. It’s really great.

  • SurveilStar is a good choice for controlling and monitoring personal computers. It has screen snapshot to record real-time activity, has website log for supervision and can stop computer users visiting unallowed websites. It can record emails, usage of programs and even IM chats. It is a perfect choice for a supervisor or IT manager. What’s more, it is handy. FYI, SQL Server is needed to ensure the monitoring software works well.

  • I can know about what my employees are doing in work time with SurveilStar. If the employees play computer games online or visit websites unrelated with work or chat during work, they will be warned. It provides a good way for improving work efficiency. It is a good tool worth recommending.

  • SurveilStar has many great functions. It works stealthily to supervise website visit, document usage, etc. It generates activity reports, showing detailed information about programs, websites and chat applications. Its monitoring function is much better than others. It’s really worth buying.

  • Good monitoring tool with a nice discount. Worth buying!

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