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  • I have switched to advanced mode ~ options ~ action ~ l have ticked all the options ~ But no recovery could happen


  • I stake my character on it that this is a conscientious software. Although it doesn't recover everything, all my important information has been restored. The rest are some songs, movies and the like, they aren't worth much; the photo recovery success rate is 95% or more. Very few is garbled


  • Photos and document category can be restored, but the documents show up garbled with no content, pdf is restored but can't be opened


  • I must give it a like. All the pretty lady photos that my daughter-in-law deleted have been recovered. Really have to thank this software


  • It is too great! ~ All 997 photos have been recovered ~ I am really grateful to this software


  • Very easy to use. It has saved the company from plenty of losses!


  • The file has been found and recovered. But the recovered files cannot be opened, or they are garbled


  • This time I have to make a comment. Thanks to this software I have recovered some important photos. My card has been formatted and I have taken photos again, but it was still able to restore all my previous photos. This software is also very simple to operate.


  • It's easy to use. The operation is also very simple. I just feel that if anything can be restored, there is no privacy.


  • It saved my life. I mistakenly deleted a just completed report. I have used it and it can perfectly recover almost every time


  • It supports the vast majority of file systems, hard drives, flash drives, U disk, SD card, mobile phone data (many times what EasyRecovery cannot, just give it to Recuva)


  • I have used recuva to recover my files but there are still some that can not be recovered successfully. It was said the file may be damaged or something.

    I have also helped my friend recover her files with recuva. This time it recovered the files well but there was a problem - the original directory location was gone… so we had to move the recovered files to its previous subfolders manually.

    Anyway, it’s a nice recovery tool.


  • Great price. The program is well worth my money.


  • This program doesn’t always work well. So I have a try on other products. 95% of the lost photos on the micro SDHC card could be recovered by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 8.0.


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Questions et réponses de clients

  • Question:
  • Will Recuva professional recover files with folders structure and names?
  • Réponse:
  • Thanks for your question, the recuva not support to recover files with folders structure and names.If still any questions, feel free to contact us.
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