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  • مرحباً ، شباب يا عرب .
    أنا أحد الذين لا أحب البحث عن الكراك وغيرها لأنني أعتبرها سرقة للبرامج وأعوذ بالله أن يحاسبني الله على أشياء كهذه يوم الدين
    أكتب تقييمي هذا باللغة العربية ، وأأكد لكم أنني وجدت هذا العرض صدفة أثناء محاولتي
    _تحميل برنامج "Recover My Files Data"
    وكنت والله مشكك في مصداقية العرض
    ثم بحثت في الانترنت عن أي شي حول هذا الموقع باللغة العربية
    وللأسف ما وجدت شيء. في الأخير وجدت أني مضطر للمغامرة بالمبلغ.
    ودفعت وأكدت الطلب، ومباشرة عرض لي رقم التصريح للبرنامج.
    وقمت بتفعيل البرنامج على آخر نسخة من البرنامج مباشرة. وتم الحديث .
    لا زلت متفاجئ حتى اللحظة. حبيت أكتب تعليقي هذا حتى ألغي عنكم عناء البحث عن مصداقية الموقع. وبالتوفيق

    Translated by Google
    "Hello, young people, Arabs.
    I am one of those who do not like to search for crack and other because I consider it a theft of programs and ask Allah to hold me accountable for such things on the Day of Judgment
    I write this evaluation in Arabic, While trying to download the & quot; Recover My Files Data & quot;
    And I was skeptical about the credibility of the offer
    and then searched the Internet for anything about this site in Arabic
    Unfortunately nothing found. In the end I found that I had to venture the amount.
    I paid and confirmed the request, and immediately offered me the authorization number for the program.
    And you activated the program on the latest version of the program directly. Talked.
    I'm still surprised at the moment. I would like to write my comment so that I will not bother you to look for the credibility of the site. Good luck"


  • Besides Recover My Files, I only tried one other similar product. Recover My Files is much better. When I used it to search a 160 gig hard drive with all file types, it scanned for 6 days, but when I set the target file types I need, it only spent 2 hours to search out the 3 types of files I want. It helped me recover all the files I want, videos, audios, photos, etc. It’s really worth buying. It is suitable for recovery of lost files caused by unrecognition, corruption or accidental formatting of a hard drive, but not suitable for a crashed hard drive caused by a physical error.


  • During my business trip abroad, I found my hard drive couldn’t work. I lost all the files stored in it. Then I bought Recover My Files. I formatted the hard drive first so that my computer could recognize it. Then the program recovered all the files easily for me. It is very good with excellent service!


  • I saved my bacon yesterday with the help of GetData Recover My Files, I formated my external USB drive by accident, it recovered all my data on USB drive, highly recommend to everyone and this site has the biggest discount.


  • I had restored factory settings by mistake and all my data had been erased on my PC, I was so regretful. So I searched and tried several free data recovery software, but they can only show me an index and corrupt files. Then I found this software, it helped me restore 90% of my erased data. Although it took 2 days to do the deep scan for my 320G HD, it recovery process didn’t take that long and I got most of my data back, I’m very satisfied.


  • My 640GB hard drive was damaged due to power failure and I lost all my videos and docs. I got one license of this product, and my computer couldn’t recognize the hard drive so I must format it, then I used Get Data to recover it, it worked! All my videos and docs are back, really excellent tool!


  • Last week, my new laptop accidentally broke down. I lost all my photos. This made me very sad. I asked for help from many data recovery companies, and they charged $500 or more, and they couldn’t give me a guarantee for recovering all data. Then I tried Recover My Files. It helped me recovered 95% of the lost files. How wonderful it is!


  • I’m not a professional IT guy, but I had a very happy experience using Recover My Files. Once I formatted my hard drive by accident and lost all files in it. The software helped me get 99% of my files back. Then I tested it on a SD card of my digital camera. I stored all the photos and videos in my computer before, then erased the SD card to check whether Recover My Files can get them back. Surprisingly, it worked. It is really good. If you want to make it work more effectively, specify 2 or 3 file types you want to recover each time, and do it again for other types. It will work better in this way.


  • Recover My Files has just helped me get back my movie. The movie is very large, about 700mb in avi format. When I lost it, I was very frustrated, because I had to download it again. This program recovered it only in a few minutes. It is very wonderful!


  • very interest


GetData Software
Standard, For 2 PCs, Not for commercial use for other parties
La langue
English, Deutsch, Français, Spanish, Italian, 日本語, Chinese Simplified
Envoyez le code d’inscription par courriel, le lien de téléchargement est inclus. (Gratuit)
  • Question:
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    May I know if the 34% Off Recover My Files Data Recovery Standard or Professional
    comes with licence for 2 PCs (as mentioned in GetData website) or just 1 PC?

    Appreciate your prompt reply in order for me to make my purchase accordingly from you.

    Thanks heaps!

  • Réponse:
  • Dear Ray,

    Thanks for your question. A Standard or Professionallicese are both valid for installation on two computers (e.g. a desktop and a laptop), and does not allow to use the software to perform commercial data recovery services for other parties.

    In short, 34% OFF Recover My Files Data Recovery Standard or Professional comes with license for 2 PCs. Thank you!
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