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  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go Boxshot
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  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go Screenshot
  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go Screenshot
  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go Screenshot
  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go Screenshot
  • Norton Online Backup 25 Go

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Détails sur le produit: Norton Online Backup 25 Go


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Test ColorMango

  • Nice interface
  • Integrates with Norton 360
  • Optional secondary local backup
  • One account for up to five PCs
  • 256-bit encryptions on transfers
  • Only support PC, no sever version
  • Cost too much for additional storage
  • Can't back up in-use files.
  • No search of backup contents


Commentaires (12)
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  • It is a convenient backup solution. Safe backup with reasonable price.


  • I purchased this product last month and all work well until now. Generally it is hard to say whether a product is good or not. As for this product, it seems to be highly appreciated by some magazines in the industry. For me the most important is I haven’t got any errors. No popups, full-screen gaming mode is allowed. And it never asks me to do uninstallation or disable it from work and never install any junk programs.

    For me another great feature of Norton is that I can get a boot disk that can solve the un-runnable problems caused by viruses. I really love this.


  • I purchased this backup software for my husband but he was not satisfied. He told me that this needs more work though it is a good idea to back up files online. He met a number of errors while using it.


  • This product is very simple to use. I purchased it because I have 3 computers at home and I heard that the product can be installed on 5 computers. I just needed something that has an extra storage for 25k document or 40k spreadsheets.

    Just remember the storage is not large enough for all 25k of documents + 40k of spreadsheets + 1200 songs + 1400 photos + 20 hrs of video files at one time. So you have to decide what files you need to store most.


  • I just wanna say the program is worth my every penny. I’m completely satisfied with it!


  • As others said, the 25 GB storage amount is too small for people today. I just back up some vital files here, and I would not buy more space, for it’s too expensive to buy extra space.


  • This product is not bad. I have tried other automatic backup apps before and I think NovaBackup is much better than Norton. Norton works not very stably on my system; besides, the 25GB backup storage is just too small. Nowadays, most hard drives are in TBs storage, and this 25GB storage is barely enough for our needs. It seems that the process is good, but the storage is a big issue.


  • Installation is very simple and the program is very handy. It securely back up my documents, photos, and other files. This will save me if my hard drive gets some problems. I have also tried Norton AntiVirus and I’m satisfied with the security as well. Well done Norton!


  • I have been a longtime user of Norton. Just satisfied with the product. It has done a great job. I tried other backup software as well, but still like Norton most for its accuracy and nice performance.


  • I think I don’t need to say anything. As a backup product, it just works like a charm. It makes sure everything is securely saved. It does everything a backup product supposed to do and does it well.


  • Norton has been on the market for the longest time and works as it claims. In my mind it's the champion among online backup products. Customer support is also great. Highly recommend the product.


  • Norton has a good reputation in the industry. This product has done its work fairly well. It is very important for everyone in all fields to have some tools for online backup. As far as I know, Norton is no doubt the best choice.

    But it still has one con for me: it is annual subscription, and you could only use the storage for one year just the same as other online backup solutions. I have to pay for renewal every year. I prefer one-time payment.


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