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60% OFF Enpass Password Manager Coupon Avril 2024

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Cross-platform multi-function password manager software!

In today's Internet age, people who often surf the Internet generally have hundreds of different accounts. In addition, there are too much important information and passwords to remember in life, so it is really trying and extremely easy to forget to rely solely on the brain.

However, it is dangerous to use the same password because your other accounts will be quickly overwhelmed as long as a website is leaked. At this time, you need password manager software that is safe, reliable, and convenient for a "one-click login" to fill in the password account.

Many password management software, such as well-known 1Password, LastPass, KeePass, RememBear, Bitwarden, OneSafe, etc. Still, they also have many shortcomings, such as 1Password is too expensive and needs a long-term subscription, LastPass data is stored on the server without the desktop client, KeePass has no official mobile version, etc.

Another password management tool is not well known, but its comprehensive quality is quite excellent. It is the Enpass! It has perfect functions, strong comprehensive strength, and high-cost performance and can be bought out for permanent use.

Comprehensive EnPass password management tool
Enpass is a safe and reliable cross-platform password manager software with comprehensive multi-platform support and provides clients including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Win10 UWP.

Furthermore, EnPass also provides one-click login (quick account password filling) extension for mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. At the same time, the mobile client also supports the shortcut function of a one-click login account in iOS and Android, which can significantly speed up the efficiency of your login account online and cover all your password application scenarios.

Management functions are more comprehensive and perfect
With Enpass, you can easily manage all your account passwords, and you only need to remember one master password to surf the Internet in the future. Enpass's browser extension and mobile client can support one-click account password filling, one-click login, and web page form filling. Enpass can synchronize password data. Enpass can generate all kinds of safe and complicated passwords. You can save all types of confidential information such as credit cards, bank account numbers, and certificate information. By the way, Enpass also supports adding file attachment encryption, data backup/recovery, importing data from other password managers, and so on.

Safe and reliable, without uploading password data
A military-grade AES-256 bit algorithm encrypts all data of Enpass, and the security level is extremely high. At present, there is almost no possibility of brute force cracking, so you don't have to worry about the password being leaked.

Unlike 1Password and LastPass, EnPass does not upload or store any of your password data by default. Instead, they will be controlled entirely by you freely. You can choose to save the password data locally in the device and use it offline, or you can synchronize the data through each "cloud storage" network disk.

You can choose your trusted cloud services, such as OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, box, iCloud, etc., or even self-built Nextcloud, ownCloud, or any WebDAV server which can synchronize your password data on the Internet. Its synchronization options are richer than 1P, and you can access all your passwords on all devices.

Extremely cost-effective
Enpass's sales strategy is very kind, and its desktop client is "completely free"! Compared with most peers, this is conscience. Moreover, mobile versions such as iOS and Android are also free + in-app purchase mode and light users can still use it for free. Therefore, if they feel that it is easy to use, they only need to upgrade to the advanced version. Moreover, Enpass provides a lifetime license. Therefore, the general use cost is not high, and it can even be said to be more cost-effective.

Enpass features:
1. Support offline - no data will be uploaded to the server.
2. Encrypt all data with AES-256 bits.
3. Synchronize data through OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or self-built WebDAV server.
4. Support mainstream mobile and desktop platforms.
5. Store your personal, family, and work password data in different vaults.
6. Support Auto-fill in.
7. Support fingerprint biometrics and quick unlocking to access information.
8. A built-in password generator can quickly generate safe and powerful passwords.
9. Help you check unsafe passwords and those that have been leaked.
10. Import data from other password software to Enpass.
11. The desktop version is completely free, and the mobile version can be bought out once and used permanently.

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