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Caractéristiques principales

Logiciels de montage vidéo pour les utilisateurs amateurs
Montage video 3DMontage video 4kDucking audioCréation de Blu-rayClé chromaCorrection des couleursCréation de DVDBibliothèque multimédiaSuivi de mouvementÉdition de vidéos multiplesEffets NewBlueEffet PiPPrise en charge des plug-insEffets/plugs-in proDADCapture d'écranEffets de titrageÉdition de transitionsMontage/Séparez/Fusionner/Rognage/PivotPartager des vidéos en ligneStabilisation de vidéosCompatible avec XAVC-S
AVS Video Converter
AVS Video Editor
AVS Video ReMaker
AVS Video Recorder
AVS Media Player
AVS Audio Converter
AVS Audio Editor
AVS Ringtone Maker
AVS Audio Recorder
AVS Disc Creator
AVS Image Converter
AVS Photo Editor
AVS Cover Editor
AVS Registry Cleaner
AVS Document Converter

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Commentaires (11)
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  • My husband often uses AVS4YOU applications to make videos. When we go out to enjoy our vacations, he often takes a camera to take video shots and after we come back, he’d like to make these short videos into a movie with background music, at this time, AVS4YOU helps him a lot. We also use it to convert old VHS videos into other formats. My son especially likes the audio function of it, for he is crazy for ringtones and music.


  • I work as a video editor, so I bought an unlimited license for AVS suite to use. After using it, I find it really worth the money I spend. I use many kinds of software to cut video clips from movies and do some improvements to reach good visual effects or apply them in my own creations. I have to say, among all the tools I have used, AVS4YOU is the best one. One of the special functions of it is to convert video into many different formats. Another point is that you can just extract the video sound you want.


  • I work in a local TV station as a graphic editor. I started using AVS a few months ago and up until now. I find it really powerful and work very well. Just one defect, if the one who uses it is not so familiar with the medium, he would spend a bit more time finishing the project using AVS programs, but it will be soon improved in an easy way. The cost of it is not high, it’s really worth buying.


  • I started using AVS4YOU around 1 year ago after buying an unlimited subscription.
    I installed every single program included and I couldn’t wait trying the video editing function with 80 hours of 1080i of conferences. The audio converter is really helpful and runs every fast. It supports a great variety of formats. Slideshow maker is superb. When I used movie maker, I spent around 3 hours for a project, while with avs, all the work can be finished within half hour.
    However, the problem is that it does not support batch dvd burning.
    On the other hand, I think the worth of it is more than its price. The video editor is so excellent, let alone other programs.
    I just want to say thank you!


  • AVS4YOU is really a cost-effective and useful set of tools.
    A few months ago, when I was trying to find a video converter to turn AVCHD files to AVI for editing, AVS4YOU was recommended to me. I started using it and find it really convenient to convert files into different formats. I can even create my own profile by using it. For example, if I need to compress a 3-hour movie to a 600MB mp4 file to play on my cell, I can easily adjust the bit rate and at the same time ensures good output quality of the movie.
    I also tried other programs I downloaded and find the DVD copier especially functional.
    The only problem about this software is that license is only for one PC. This means, when I want to use it on another PC, a new license is needed. It will be very good if this problem can be solved in the near future. But it’s really worth using.


  • I was a little suspicious of the deal when I saw it, because it was too good to be true. But it turns out to be true and nice. I used to edit video with a popular program, but it crashed a lot, so I tried AVS Video Editor. It works perfectly, no crash, higher speed. I have recommended AVS4YOU to my friends and colleagues.


  • It's not easy for me to be shocked, but AVS4YOU products bundle totally shocked me, for its powerful software and classy support. I can say AVS4YOU software is the best multimedia multi-format software I've ever seen. It meets my needs perfectly.


  • Great and user-friendly products with very reasonable price. I'm extremely satisfied with it.


  • I used AVS4YOU since 2010, and all tools works great without any error. Since it’s one-time fee for all programs, I can download any AVS program anytime without additional paying. That’s really great for me. AVS4YOU is my fav app.


  • As a musician and composer, I usually feel terrible about studio activities for my projects. I wanted to do recording myself, but did not find a proper application, until AVS4U came up. AVS4U is a charm! AVS tools are really easy to learn, and I can deal with audio and video matters easily with it. Just one thing, I have some problems using AVS audio converter, particularly in MIDI conversion. Anyway, it is a tool worth buying.


  • I've been using this easy and powerful product for 6 years. It comes with fabulous features. With its help, I am always able to make videos for my family successfully.


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