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Acronis Disk Director
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  • I owned a dual startup hard drive with Win 7 and Win XP. The partition size of Win XP is bigger than that of Win 7. At first, I had to reduce the partition size of Win XP, and then I needed to enlarge the partition size of Win 7. The program can work smoothly and perfectly. FYI, I always backup all my data first, and then I will perform all these operations within a DOS environment.

  • Powerful features and easy to use, I'm looking for a good disk managing program for a long time and this finally satisfied me Its performance is really good.

  • This tool is very useful and significant for me. It can do great job with the drives on my PC. I’ve used this program on 2 computers, one is Win8 and the other is Win 7, it works well on both systems. This program offers me powerful features. The most important, it is not hard to use at all.

  • This new version of Acronis Disk Director has a user interface that's much easier to use than its predecessor's, it has many more features than DD10, and it works flawlessly from within Windows 7. I would highly recommend it as the disk manager of choice.

  • I use it for my disk partition, it is really good, for there is no danger to the data on the hard drive.

  • I can use this magic software to help me format, copy and modify the hard disks.
    I have used Partition Commander for a long time, so I feel this software is a little gawky. Anyway, it can do the job well.

  • ADD does everything it promises, and does them well. I would like to introduce this software to all my friends who are interested in modifying the partitions of their hard drives. This software is not difficult to use and it gets everything done quickly.

  • This software has fantastic features. It can satisfy all my needs, though I have not used all its features yet. After I can master this software skillfully and use more features of this program, I think I’ll love it more.

  • My laptop is Dell Inspiron 6400 and MediaDirect is preinstalled in it. Last week, I bought a Seagate SATA hard drive but I could not clone and use the original Seagate software. My friends suggested me to try the newest version of Acronis Disk Director to solve the problem, for I could not boot up the disk successfully. I accepted their advice and purchased the Version 12. This software is really superb and it works great on my PC. However, at first I still could not start up and use the new hard drive normally.

    I then turned to the online service for help. After several minutes of chatting, the support team found that there was a hidden partition in my hard drive. The hidden partition has been cloned and the startup was “looking” for this specific identifier. Later, the support team told me to use Acronis True Image Home to solve this problem.

    I had to back up the visible partition onto another hard drive. Then I had it restored to the new Seagate SATA hard drive. Then, after several operations on the MBR and bootcfg, it finally performed well. I am not a computer geek, what a hard task for me! The excellent online chat is available 24/7. I appreciated the fabulous agents of Acronis very much.

  • It is difficult for me to review this software. I am fond of this product. I have used it since my husband bought it for me 3 months ago. I consider this software as one of the most famous disk utility software. However, it seems not what I thought. I have found some problems in this software.
    This product can do good job in resizing the partitions of the hard disks. However, it does not work well in cloning disks. I have tried to clone a 100GB disk to a 150 GB disk, but the new disk can not boot up.
    The disk image program of it gets more errors. I think the backup software is useless if I can’t completely rely on it.

  • Well, it didn't save my life, but it did help me to stop pulling out my hair!
    I added a new SSD to my computer and wanted to move my C: drive to the SSD and boot from it. I also wanted to resize the partitions on my original hard drive. Acronis Disk Director really simplified the process of the former and let me "resize to the left" which Windows' built-in partition utility can't do.
    The software is very intuitive and worked like a charm. I particularly like the feature that lets you configure changes and see the expected results before committing the changes.
    And you can't beat SoftCns' price on this utility. Well worth the cost if you're doing any drive/partition maintenance beyond the basics.
    I had some questions about the procedure for adding my new SSD, and folks on the Acronis forum were very helpful.

  • Have been using this disk manager for years.Highly recommended it! Thanks for the coupon.

  • Last month, I purchased a license of Acronis Disk Director 12. I have used it on my computer for several times. This program works well on my PC.
    I like to rearrange and resize the partitions on the portable backup drives 2 to 3 times a month. The partitions on the internal drives of my PC are regularly resized as well. The program has never had an error nor data loss.
    I do not understand why there are some bad reviews on this program recently. This software has great and wonderful features. It is quite powerful.

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